A view in my home town, February, 2010. It's ridiculously beautiful,I know.

Hello and welcome to the middle of life.

Well, my life anyway. The title for this blog dawned on me one day when Eric Idle (of Monty Python fame for those of you out of the British Comedic loop) walked into the gallery in which I work. His presence spurred a memory – the point in the middle of the Monty Python film The Meaning of Life when it is announced in a booming voice, “Welcome to the Middle of the Film” followed by a big song and dance number. And there you have it.

Welcome to the Middle of My Life (sans the song and dance number, for now anyway).

I realize that the title is curbing the longevity of this blog, while also declaring that my life will be at an endpoint when I am 88. It aligns with writing, say, a sitcom that centers around the lives of single people in their 30s and that that is what makes the show a success. Eventually those 30 somethings will be in their 40s and 50s and then it’s just not so funny.

But hey. I can always grow with the blog and change the name as it grows; the Early Middle of Life, the Middle of the Middle of Life, the Latter Part of the Middle of Life, Past the Middle of Life and then just make the jump straight into Much Later in Life. Looking at it that way, one can see there is definitely more growth potential in this blog than a 90s sitcom, so we’re off to a good start.

This blog is a place where I will share, and hopefully readers will relate to, what happens in the Middle of Life (or MoL). As different as we all are, separated by gender, socioeconomics, intelligence levels, marital status, vegetarianism, there are commonalities among humans. As humans we find solace in those commonalities, and I am human… you get the point, if you’re human.

Which brought me to this blog. I’d like to find some of the commonalities with my fellow humans as I navigate my way through the Middle of Life (said as if through a megaphone into a large, empty room with marble floors).

Below are some of the points I’d like to discuss here at this stage in the life game:

Aging; health and subsequent deterioration of joints, skin, etc. I could just title this, WTF?

Careers; how they keep a changin’ and challenging.

Money; that fluid, elusive, yet often abundant minx.

Diversions and Hobbies; –what are they and how do we get new ones in MoL?

Friendships; how MoL affects them

Relationships; (the love kind); I just noticed that every other subtitle written so far could be applied to this title. So just do that.

Art; (visual, musical) it’s food and vital to our existence.

Books; a staple of life at the beginning the middle and I’m thinking the end of life, too (and I’m talking real books with dusty pages and dog ears, people!)

Writing; because that goes along with books as a staple. Also, I will chart the progress of my two stalled screenplays hoping that a public display of my years long procrastination will help spur me on to finish them. Or one. And authors – we will discuss authors, for what should be obvious reasons by now.

Daily Observations of the World: it is vital to observe our world. I am curious to compare my observations from the MoL perspective with others in the MoL or not. I’m thinking everything from the nightmare of Healthcare reform to kittens will show up here.

Thanks for reading and thank you even more for sharing your own thoughts on this interesting place called the Middle of Life.

Miss MoL