At the beginning of each week I will post about my screenplay progress.

SCREENPLAY 1: It’s titled Romance Delivers, but that is just too lame. I’m open to suggestions. For the blog purposes let’s just call it Jane.

Jane is a five year old project that is stalled in the end of the second act.

As of today, March 15, 2010 Jane is currently stalled on page 56. I need about 34 more pages as my screenplay instructor told me that it’s good to think that one page of screenplay is equal to one minute of movie time. Ninety minutes is a minimum time for a movie, I ‘m figuring. Unless it’s a short. Or a mov-ella?

SCREENPLAY 2: This has no title yet, but let’s call it Lorraine.

Lorraine is a brand new wet behind the ears piece of work that is only 3 pages long as of today. But she is almost 6 months old already. We need to get her up and walking.

So, to sum up the current stats:

JANE: 56 pages

LORRAINE: 3 pages

Check back next Monday and see if either of them have matured.


Miss MoL