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Dear Elizabeth Gilbert,

Your book, Eat Pray Love, was loved by many. Myself included. If you walked into the room right now I would stand and applaud. And I mean that sincerely.

There were a lot of haters out there saying that it was a self-indulgent story, etc etc. Well, so what if it was? It’s no more self-indulgent than most blogs out there (including this one). Right?  Self-discovery requires a certain amount of self- indulgence.

I would think that the actual experience of writing the book was the fourth word in your personal discovery (as in Eat, Pray, Love, and Write). We must write and sometimes when we do we are lucky enough to unravel thoughts and desires enabling us to progress mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

Anyway, I digress. Your book is the perfect tome for Middle of Lifers (even though you were in your 30s when you wrote it). It’s actually an excellent tome for any stage of life. Self-discovery is a powerful way to propel through life.

Reinventing, learning to adapt to change, and re-learning things we thought we already knew are prominent in the Middle of Life. Your book has helped many to see there is a way, using humor and delight, to move through all life sends our way.

Congratulations on the upcoming movie! How exciting it must be to see a part of your life recreated in movie form complete with sound track. That is really cool.

Here’s the thing, Elizabeth. I’m having trouble with the Julia Roberts choice. I didn’t see that one coming. You probably didn’t have anything to do with the casting and Julia is a big BIG name with a big BIG Hollywood smile, I get that. But, shucks. I’m not a hater of Ms. Roberts (heck, I don’t even know her), but I can’t get my head around it!

I’m not seeing in Julia the lightness of spirit and humility that I “saw” in you within the words of your book. She seems to lack a sweetness that you carry (which sounds so terrible and I’m sorry to judge Julia when I don’t even know her).

My vote would have been for, say, Elizabeth Banks, while my sister suggested the terrific Minnie Driver. Or what about Cate Blanchett? If Meryl Streep was 20 years younger, she would be the perfect choice. Who is our new 40 so-something Meryl? There are many, many actresses that I can’t even think of at the moment who would have been great for this part. Maybe the studio couldn’t think of them either, so they defaulted for the star power of Julia. Touché!

What are your thoughts on the casting choice?

I will be going to see your movie, Elizabeth, because I support you and your honest and joyous book. Great, creative endeavors must be supported! So, I will pay my $10, let go of my preconceptions of Ms. Roberts, and abandon myself to seeing your story in a more visual medium.

Thank you, again, for writing Eat, Pray, Love. It was a wonderful and brave book. Getting lost in your life’s journey for a little while was pure joy and as a result there has been some self-indulgence that has led to discovery and progress in my own world.

Come for dinner sometime.

We can have Pasta with curry sauce and talk about Committed over a cup of kopi Bali.

Ciao Bella,

Miss MoL