Well, it’s Monday again and that means a SCREENPLAY progress update.

As I was dreading this day yesterday afternoon (because I had made zero progress on either piece), it dawned on me that maybe I could at least look at them, re-read my favorite parts and maybe I would get inspired to continue.

The problem with JANE has been that it stalled in the second act with no clear story to guide me home. So, yesterday I re-read my favorite bits: the part where the heroine is running through a rainy night down a treelined path, the part where she finds herself in a church one evening wondering who to speak to not being of a religious nature herself, and the part  where she has some very profound and witty dialogue with a man of the cloth on a sunny country road.

After reading these favorite bits, a lightbulb went on. Click! I spent the next hour typing furiously with no punctuation or grammar checks, no water breaks, no refills on chardonnay . When the dust had cleared I had an entire page, single spaced, outlining the entire REST OF THE STORY. And with optional endings!

This is monumental, people. This screenplay has been languishing for over five years now, with no major progress other than maybe a half heartedly written page and a whole lot of editing on what was already written. Yesterday I made Big Major Epic Progress.

I now need to fill in the outline with sweeping visuals and more witty banter that is also profound, but the skeleton is in place. More importantly, I’m excited by the skeleton! It has terriffic bones.

One goal of this blog was to spur me into writing more, but also to publicly shame me into making progress on the screenplays. Mission accomplished. At least for this week.

Sadly, LORRAINE was completely ignored in favor of her much older and more exciting sister.

So, to sum up the current stats:


Change rate from last week: Monumental!

LORRAINE: 3 pages

Change rate from last week: Not so much.