Okay. So,  this past Monday I confessed that I had made no progress on either screenplay. Confession made, my agreement was to write at least two pages of the JANE screenplay by Friday.

And the good news is that I DID!

I don’t think they’re great pages, but they got written. The muse didn’t kick in and inspire me to write 10 more pages, but I wrote some. And kept an agreement.

Since making and keeping agreements seems to be the shiz, how about another agreement?

By NEXT Monday I’ll have three more pages of JANE written. Yeah, it’s an agreement with cyberspace, but hey! Whatever works.

Current standings:

JANE: 58pages

Change rate from last week: Two pages. Goal for next week: AT LEAST three pages written.

LORRAINE: 3 pages

Change rate from last week: *the sound you hear when you put your ear up to a sea shell*.