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And for me that means a screenplay report to cyberworld as well as recovering from an Easter chocolate overdose.

To re-cap: Last Monday I had made no progress at all, so I made an agreement to have 2 pages done by Friday, which I reported on completing on Saturday and made a a new agreement to have 3 more pages by next Monday. Got that? Try to keep up.

I’m happy to report that last night I wrote  2 more pages (or more, I can’t remember exactly as it was late and I was going into sleep mode along with my computer toward the end).

So, by next Monday I should have definitely fulfilled my agreement of 3 pages and then some, barring any earthquakes (which seem to be a weekly news event lately) or computer meltdowns.

Below is a clip from someone who actually finished their screenplay and got it produced into a movie. This came across my cyberdesk the other day. I had forgotten how magical Gene Wilder is in this movie and how wonderful the lyrics to the song are. Have a listen; it’s a good way to start the week.


Miss MoL