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In the Blogging World, it is important to post every day. It keeps things alive and fresh. It keeps readers (or reader, in my case. Hi Reader!) interested.

I’m enjoying blogging very much and have come to appreciate how difficult it can be to blog about something new every day. Some days it just seems there is nothing important to say.

Other bloggers I’ve read are able to create an interesting story out of the smallest daily event or observation and make it sound important. That is good blogging. That is also good writing.

So, this is my question. Is it better to post something mundane that does nothing to help create world peace and feed the kids in China, or do you skip a few days so you can fine tune your masterpiece at the risk of having a stagnant blog and losing your reader?

What say you, reader?

The title of this blog, WELCOME TO THE MIDDLE OF LIFE, has yet to be written about in depth. I am currently working on a larger, more well rounded piece about one part of THE MIDDLE OF LIFE; the part where I’m waiting to feel like a bonified adult.

In the meantime, here is a picture I took the other night that is part of a collection of pictures for another blog post I’m working on titled THIS GIRL WALKS INTO A BAR… You’ve gotta love the rooster, right?

And, Dear Reader, I happened upon THIS WEBSITE the other day and absolutely love it. On the days I don’t post, you can go there to be entertained. But, I promise I will continue to hone my skills on turning the mundane into brilliantly written snippets that will promote peaceful, hunger-ending acts all over the world, as I’m sure this post is doing right now.


Miss MoL