She was calling her siren song this morning, from the moment I opened my eyes. I shut them and turned over in bed, knowing that I had neglected her for more than a year and not wanting to face it in the bright Spring light, pale as I am. But she kept calling and calling…

Impossible to ignore, like a much beloved child calling from his crib after a missed nap; Come to me. Come to me. Love me and I will return it even though my lack of nap and crying is driving you crazy.

The morning breeze was blowing warm, jasmine scented air into the bedroom and I was a a done deal. A smitten kitten.

I drove quickly and walked faster, layed down and there she was – the beauteous Pacific Ocean. Her shores were rough. The winter had been hard, but she was producing her best face today. Pacific. Pacified. Calm.

We bonded in the tide pools, as the summer sands had yet to arrive and cover the rocks.

She reminded me that things that may seem clear

can be vague in an instant

only to re work themselves into a new configuration of clarity seconds later.

Ebb and flow. Ebb and flow.

These tiny shells sat sunlit on a tide-side rock.

My family named this giant rock, below, Shell Rock and have been visiting it since the Pacific put it there sometime prior to 1969. She is mighty to move Shell Rock as she is gentle to place shells on a rock.

She Pacifies me. And she made me feel loved today.

Until we meet again.