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How did it get to be WEDNESDAY already?

LAST WEEK I made an agreement to have completed THREE pages of the JANE script by today. I completed TWO.

However, I also went back and edited a lot of awkward, inconsistent story-gibberish in the beginning of the script. It sort of feels like two steps forward and one step back, but at least there isn’t such a stagnant air hanging over the JANE script anymore. As for the other one? Stagnant City, Sweetheart.


JANE: 60 pages

Change rate from last week: Two pages. Goal for next week: Hmmm. Looking at my calendar, I’m going to have to put my goal at ONE page. My schedule is looking pretty packed for the next five days.

LORRAINE: 3 pages

Change rate from last week: *more crickets*.

Over and Out,

Miss Mol