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Lyrics count as being an author in my “book”. Your song, 1000 BEAUTIFUL THINGS, is so poignant. It’s just right for these times when we need to focus more on the beautiful things in our life or else succumb to the negative.

For those of you who don’t know the song,  here’s a LINK to the lyrics. YouTube has many terrific videos as well, but it’s the words that get me on this one.

Every day I write the list of reasons why I still exist,                                                                         A Thousand Beautiful things…

I don’t think it would be easy to make a list of 1000 beautiful things, but it is worth a shot. Focusing on the beautiful is a good use of time. We are surrounded by so much negativity in the media every day. Does anyone ever really sit down and make a list of the positive things in life? Maybe we should. Your song reminds me to do this every time I hear it.

When Alanis Morisette gave you a standing ovation at the grammys many years ago, I was right there with her. Why are you not the most celebrated female musician and singer? And at the same time I love that you are NOT the most celebrated. Celebrity seems to be a smear rather than a highlight these days.

Just so you know I, and most of my women friends, respect the shiz out of you; your voice, your words, your charisma, your gravitas of character.

I saw you in concert twice with the Eurythmics and thought the same thing  about you as when I saw David Bowie;  That person has more charisma than is comprehensible. No wonder they are who they are in the world.

Annie, you rock. Plain and simple. But you also write. And what you write sometimes makes me weep, it’s so spot on.

One of my favorite songs of all times is UNDER PRESSURE – with David Bowie and Freddy Mercury. I found this video last night…

Charisma squared.

I rest my case.

Well done.

Keep on doing what you do and I will give you your next standing ovation, legend in my living room that I am. Thank you for reminding me to be grateful for and conscious of the Beautiful Things.

Come for dinner sometime. We can compare lists and toast to La Belle Vie.

Miss MoL