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Boy we don't know and who will never catch a fish like this, but who was posed perfectly for a picture. Memorial Day, 2010

THIS MEMORIAL DAY my Super Gal Pal and I went to the beach. We’ve known each other for (yikes) thirty years now. And in that thirty years we have sunbathed by swimming pools, on the beach,  mountain pools, and hot tubs,  all in various stages of dress.

More than once in high school we were sunbathing TOPLESS by her pool and had to inform the bug-eyed pool cleaner that he would just have to come back later. As in, “I’M SORRY! I know you’re trying to work, but all we have is this afternoon to get a good tan and drink Diet Coke, so your job will have to wait! I’m sure you understand”.

Let me just say, I am so sorry Mr. Pool Cleaner. We knew no better, but I can’t help but think  you enjoyed the toplessness aspect of your job as compensation.

We would then apply more Johnson’s Baby Oil to our teenage bodies, flip the album (U2, Pretenders, Police, Journey, Foreigner, The Knack) on the record player and make sure the giant portable phone with the elongated antennae was close by in case any one decided to call.

Neither of us have had issues with our skin, knock-on-wood. I harp on her to wear SUNSCREEN and have for years, but she is not as fair as I am, so she’s doing fine. I recently had a good check up. The dermatologist didn’t believe me when I said I’d grown up in Southern California. He said I had Swedish skin with no problems and it was  a bit of an anomaly in So Cal. But I’ll take it.

My friend said that after ten minutes of direct sun she would put on sunscreen, but we got to talking and forgot. I had coated myself before even leaving the house, so I didn’t even think about it.

Anyway, this Memorial Day weekend 2010, we went to the BEACH. Neither of us had our bathing suits handy (she lives in Los Angeles and didn’t bring hers, mine is in storage at the moment). So what do you do?

Present day LINGERIE isn’t much different than swimwear. Seriously. The same fabrics are used as well as the same styles. So, my friend wore her black bra and panties and I wore my red sun-dress (hiked up) and underwear that matched even though I hadn’t planned it.

There we were, lying on on a very crowded beach in our underwear. I said to her,”So what? The Sherriff is going to come along the beach and say, ‘Excuse me ma’am. That bathing suit looks like UNDERWEAR'”?

Yeah. Probably not. And if he did say that we could take him to court for discrimination of intimate apparel. Or for trying to expose Victoria’s Secret…

MEMORIAL DAY 2010,  I hung out at the beach, in my forties mind you, with one of my best friends in our UNDERWEAR in full un-forgiving daylight. Can you imagine?

And it was WONDERFUL! There’s a lot to be said for that delicious vitamin D, even if it’s filtered through SPF 30. Our moods lifted, our anxieties calmed, our bodies relaxed. We let the stress of our work lives leave us for a little while. We remembered why we baked ourselves by the pool thirty years prior. It was a welcome respite from the drama of teen life and now this present adult life.

Shushing water and sun-warmth entering deep into our bones make the rest of life seem bearable, no matter what may come.

Dear MJF, here’s to the next THIRTY years of friendship and memories. I hope that in our seventies we are still laying in the sun in our black and red underwear, but maybe with more sunscreen, a cocktail for me and the CABANA BOY of choice for you who won’t interrupt the moment by wanting to clean the pool…

Enjoy your summer, everyone! Even if it means wearing your underwear to the beach.


Miss MoL