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Willem De-Kooning, Woman and Bicycle. My favorite abstract expressionist.


I’ve been reading today about how to stimulate traffic to one’s blog as well as get picked up by more search engines. It would seem to be the consensus that catchy, controversial post titles are one of the keys to success in both areas.

So, apparently my weekly post titled SCREENPLAY ON A MONDAY (which is pretty much NEVER on a Monday, but that’s beside the point) does exactly nothing for my blog traffic or visibility in cyber world. It’s too boring. Too simple.

If I titled it THE EPIC SCREENPLAY POST THAT INCLUDES A LOT OF SEX, NAKEDNESS, PIRATES, SWEAR WORDS, AND FREE MONEY FOR EVERY READER I would probably get more traffic. Because everyone knows sex sells,  most people are intrigued by pirates (thanks to Jonny Depp), and who doesn’t want money? At the very least it would get your attention long enough for you to click the link.

At the gallery in which I work we are often trying to come up with catchy titles for our exhibits that will drive traffic into the gallery as well as make a lasting impression upon people who see the exhibit so that 5 years from now they will say, “Remember that *SUPER CATCHY EXHIBIT TITLE*? That was cool and how clever of them to have such a super catchy exhibit title that I still remember five years later and, honey, we should BUY A PAINTING based on that fact alone! Where’s my check book?”

The gallery owner and I were musing over possible upcoming exhibition titles the other day and I said,

“Well, you and I both know that SEX sells.”

He said, “Yes it does. What are you suggesting?”

I said, “How about an exhibit titled “A Decade SEXYNAKEDWOMEN of Abstract Expressionism SEXYNAKEDWOMEN from 1945 to 1955 SEXYNAKEDWOMEN in New York City.

Or something along those lines”.

And he said, “Blondie, I think you’re on to something”.

Now let’s just see how many spam comments I get from using this post title….