Thanks http://www.clusterballoon.org. How fun does this look? Actually it looks completely terrifying to me, but the colorful balloons tricked me into thinking it looked fun for a minute.

THREE WORDS. Three little words.

They can fill up your emotional balloon and send you soaring.

Three little words can pop said balloon in an instant and send you crashing.

It’s like riding a roller coaster on air.

THREE WORDS we like to hear (and say) that fill our balloon:

I MISS you. I LOVE you. You LOVE me. I am HAPPY. I ADORE you. I HEART you. You HEART me. I WANT you.  I am SORRY. 🙂 Yay!

THREE WORDS that we don’t really want to hear (or say) that pop our balloon:

I dislike you. You dislike me. You hurt me. I hurt you. I fear you. 😦 Not so much “Yay”.

THREE helpful get-off-the-rollercoaster WORDS?  1. RELEASE   2. THE   3. BALLOON.

Onward and Upward, (yep, that’s three words too!)

Miss MoL

PS: Yes, I realize my posts lately seem to be trying really hard to win the coveted BLACK-CLOUD BLOG OF THE INTERNET Award, but I promise I will get back to some humor soon. I PROMISE you. Okay, I’m done with the three word thing now…

And in the meantime, I read THIS BLOG because it is pretty darn FUNNY and I believe is partially written by an “attention-deficient squirrel on PCP”. How can you resist?