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UPDATE:  As soon as I posted this, the sun came out and has been out ever since. Apparently my blog has power over the weather. Now if it could just have power over my bank account….


Our beautiful little town has a serious affliction.

Nestled as it is between the mountains and the ocean, in the summer a certain evil  cloud cover occurs called the MARINE LAYER spreading its message of hopelessness and lethargy.

Days and weeks of never ending cloudy grey skies. It  hovers in the sky blotting out all contrast of light, sucking the energy from your very bones making the days much like trying to run fast through a swimming pool. It’s exhausting.

It’s not unlike being overtaken by a DEMENTOR (google Harry Potter to know what this is. I’m too tired to post a link).

This phenomenon is referred to by the locals as JUNE GLOOM.


Here’s what the sky looks like looks like today:

Today's forecast.

Here’s what is forecast for tomorrow:

Tomorrow's forecast.

Here’s what it feels like it will be for infinity:

Forecast for infinity.

I have to go lie down now.

Miss MoL.