One of the most entertaining reads I have is my junkmail in-box. My favorite one today was from SANDRA. Here is my reply:



I hope you are successful in peddling your LONELY WIVES FOR HOOK UP website.

Might I suggest linking up with the other email I got from JOHN who was asking if I wanted to be his “Friend” on  F**K BOOK. Clever name, isn’t it?  I’ll forward you his email address and you can “Friend” him on his social(?) networking website. It might help to get the word out there quicker for the Lonely Wives who Want to Hook Up.

If things really take off for you two, business-wise (or otherwise for that matter), you might be interested in another email I got. It claims to have information on inexpensive VIAGRA. I’m not sure, but that may be a viable business write-off for you.

Also, if you and JOHN need some additional funding for your business, there is a MRS. MAXWELL ROBINSON who resides on the Ivory Coast you may want to contact. Apparently, she has large sum of money she is looking to deposit  in an American bank account due to the sudden death of her physician husband by Nigerian diplomats. Tragic! I would take it myself, but my coffers are full at the moment.

SANDRA, I wish you and JOHN the best of luck. If I come across any lonely wives in need of a hook up I’ll send them your way.

Happy Networking!

Miss MoL