During my daily blog browsing, I happened upon this interesting link thanks to REAL DELIA. It’s called I WRITE LIKE. The deal-io is you paste in a few paragraphs of something you have written, “it” analyzes word style and structure and then with some computer magic it tells you who you write like! Fun! Right?

I plugged in three different writing samples.  The first was romantic, the second, comedic, and the third more serious.

My results:

Romantic: MARIO PUZO (Double score on this one because his books were made into movies, which for me is a good sign)

Comedic: CORY DOCTOROW (Not  E.L.?????)

Serious: CHUCK PALAHNIUK (?????? I don’t know you, but I love your name. I can’t stop trying to pronounce it…)

I guess it’s kind of sad when you have to google two of the authors you have been compared to. My first thought was SHOULD I KNOW THESE AUTHORS? AM I THAT LAME?  I may be that lame, but that’s another post.

The great part about this is that now I will google these authors and see what they are all about. So really I WRITE LIKE has helped educate me in the literary world as well as pump up my belittled writing ego by comparing me to Mario Puzo. Thanks I WRITE LIKE!

To my other writer friends: What were your results?


Miss MoL

PS:  REAL DELIA got Vladamir Nabokov as her result, which gave me a bad case of internet envy.