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In my quest for exercise, (and what woman doesn’t have that quest. Although is the quest for the actual exercise or the results of said exercise?) I have been observing people around me – people that I know and some I don’t. In my observation I have noticed that RUNNING  seems to have the most benefit. Now, I’m open for discussion on this, but I think that if you just run every day you will get in shape. The fat WILL come off. It has to. That’s just how running works. In conjunction with gravity, the pound pound pound of your feet on the ground ground ground will jiggle that fat right off. It’s physics, put simply.  I’ve been thinking a lot about RUNNING lately and decided to write it a letter. Yeah, that’s weird, but what can I say.


How are you?

I like you and miss you. We used to have an exclusive love affair, for, hmmm, I would say the years from age 10 until age 35. We were a MAJOR item, inseparable, giddy and breathless when we got together, had to have each other every day. Remember? Then you started to drift. You drifted away to some place I couldn’t follow in my Nikes. Or maybe, now that I think of it, it was me. I was spending more time with WORK. And even a few afternoons with SWIMMING. Oh and there was this TENNIS thing, but that lasted for a short period and I always came back to you, RUNNING. And actually you and TENNIS worked well together as, dare I say it, a threesome for a brief period of time. We had a great time together on the courts and joked about how bad BIKING sucked. We hated biking (still do).

So maybe, RUNNING, you didn’t really drift away. Maybe it was me. Maybe I was distracted by SWIMMING and TENNIS and YOGA (which was totally a one-class stand and therefore doesn’t even count. Who can sit still for that long and breath deeply with one arm going right and one leg going left? Heck, let’s just play TWISTER because then we can have a cocktail to get all bendy instead of snooz-a-riffic deep breathing).

Anyhoodle. We broke up. AND IT DOESN’T MATTER WHOSE FAULT IT WAS, but I want to get back together with you. We’ve sort of been spending time together lately, flirting with the idea of reconciliation. A pulled calf muscle and a couple of sprints later, and I think we might have something cooking.

I would like our relationship to be the no-brainer occurrence that it used to be; automatic, endorphine-tastic, sweaty, exhausting, and every muscle aches for more. Sigh. I hope we get there. Right now there is all this scheduling of time to be together, but I guess that’s good. We’re making the time and working on it. Together.

But RUNNING? Just so you know? I MAY have to go hang out with this new kid, PILATES, for a bit and KICK BOXING looks kind of bad ass. I might even be up for a second go ‘round with TENNIS. How about you you? RUNNING combined with spastic arm and leg movements? It doesn’t get more exciting than that. And oddly enough GOLF came into the picture while we were apart. But it’s SO different from you there’s no need to worry. And you should see the spastic movements I produce in GOLF. You will laugh!

Thanks for coming back into my life, RUNNING. And please know I’ll always come back to you. You make all those other games easier to play.


Miss MoL