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Fall in Virginia, 2008

It’s Fall, the most obviously (I think) transitional season we have. It’s very nature signals shedding so re-growth can happen. I hate it and I love it. Winter is comforting and Summer is where my heart is. The transitional seasons just make me uneasy, as naturally beautiful as they can be.

Change is not my favorite thing. However, without it we can never get to another place. When things are bad we can rely on the fact that they will indeed change (hopefully for the better). Unfortunately, this seems to be the case when things are good, too. I’m not a very good Buddhist or Zen-like person, therefore I have great difficulty in embracing the change from GOOD to NOT-SO-GOOD. I fight it. I resist it. I feel I have no control over it (even though somewhere deep inside me I know this is not all true).

One thing I do have control over at the moment in my rapidly changing Fall-like life is the look of this blog. I hereby inflict the power of change upon my blog’s appearance. It’s a small, halting, penguin step toward embracing the  big-foot-like behemoth that is change.

I feel much more powerful now. Especially since I got to use the word BEHEMOTH.


Miss MoL

PS: I read A NEW BLOG this morning that used the description of small penguin steps and totally related to the image it brought to mind. Credit where it’s due. Which means I should also credit David Bowie’s lyrics in the post title.

PPS: Still working out some kinks in this new layout. Blogroll at the bottom of the page is not so good. But I like the larger type face. Hmmm.