One of the 60 lovely, little darlings.


This week has all the makings of being completely insane.

It will be the busiest work week I have had in, well, EVER. It’s all good stuff, but there will be no days off and long hours combined with much physical exertion.

There will be the installation of 60 paintings in our gallery with very tight time constraints. There will be the forced game-face schmoozing to sell said paintings; forced because I will be exhausted from installing the 60 lovely, little darlings.

There will be coordination of packing, transporting, hanging and (hopefully) selling 100 other paintings. There will be driving in Los Angeles traffic, which has a tendency to make my shoulders hover up around my ears from stress and SWEAR. A LOT. AND LOUDLY. There will be more forced game-face, exhausted schmoozing.

And to top it all off, the TAPE WORM has re-appeared, taking over my body with incessant cravings for pizza and bacon, never to be satisfied.

But I love my job. And I am fortunate to have a job in this crazy time. Especially, a job that sells art when art is pretty much the last thing on lists of necessary items for daily survival (although, it is high on my list as fine art is a form of food for me).

All this to say, my blog will be stalled for a while due to the aforementioned insanity. In the meantime there are a million wonderful blogs out there. Here are a few to discover if you haven’t already.

PB WRITES – She’s a writer mama and wordsmith extraordinaire. She can describe the simplest thing in the most beautiful, creative way.

THOUGHTS APPEAR – She’s funny! She has an admirable sweet tooth and isn’t afraid to share it (and use it).

MICHELLE ZIVE – Another writer mama who writes from the heart. Poignant and honest.

DAILY PLATE OF CRAZY – This writer is smart and well organized. Even her replies to comments are smart and well organized. I can only aspire…

SCREENWRITING FROM IOWA – It’s Screenwriting! It’s Iowa! What’s not to like?

I’ll be back, hopefully in full creative and inspirational mode, after October 10th.


Miss MoL