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It’s been ten days plus of work insanity, but it is over. For now. There is one major essay deadline that needs to be met by December, but that’s completely do-able especially since it HAS to get done and the resulting essay will be published in a book along with a piece by one of my favorite authors, which is mind numbing, terrifying, and sort of makes me want to throw up, but more on that later.*

* I promise said essay will not contain a run-on sentence of such epic proportions as the preceding sentence. Dear God, I hope I have a good editor.

In the meantime, I have to do a whole lot of research (this is an academic piece) and put my butt in the chair and write, so whatever creative juices are left over for the blog may be lacking in substance, grammatical correctness, humor, or just plain common sense.

To at least post something for now (we’ll call it a baby post) here is a BEFORE I LEFT TOWN photo:



I took a long walk on an ocean bluff to prepare for the work madness ahead of me knowing that nature always helps me remember the bigger picture as well as pump fresh air into my body. Lucky I took that walk because here is a picture of WHERE I WENT:


This was the view from my hotel room; Palm trees, Taco Bell, and the  San Gabriel mountains in the smoggy distance. The only “bigger picture” offered here is the offer of a Bigger Burrito on the Taco Bell menu.

I think the sheets on the hotel bed were about 50 thread count. But that’s okay! My skin was well exfoliated the next day from sleeping on sandpaper. After two nights, however, there were some abrasions.

As you can see from the next photo it was a high class joint.


So much for my midnight bath!

In the next few months WELCOME TO THE MIDDLE OF LIFE posts will be sporadic and may not  have any relevance to anyone anywhere, but really? Have any of my previous posts been any different?

I’ll be in the library doing some old fashioned paper-paged book research if y’all need me.

Blog on people. Blog on so that I can have something fun to read as I procrastinate on the aforementioned research and writing project.


Miss MoL

PS: This post got longer than I thought. It’s not such a MELBA POST after all. Okay, I’m done now.