You know when you hear an unusual word that is not used everyday (such as FECUND) and then you start hearing it everywhere and it shows up in random reading material? Or when you’re thinking about white Nissan Xterras and suddenly all you see on the road are white Nissan Xterras? Or when all you really want is a puppy and everywhere you go you see happy people with puppies?

Or when you are reading a book about marriage and so you’re thinking about marriage and then all you hear and see is MARRIAGE MARRIAGE MARRIAGE?


Yesterday a happy man who looked to be in his mid-seventies walked into the gallery with three women. He was looking dapper in a nice suit  and swinging his blue umbrella as he walked, a-la- Gene Kelly in Singing in the Rain.

The three women disappeared into the back of the gallery, but he stayed up by my desk to chat.

Man: Today is a very special day.

Me: It is?

Man: Yes. See that woman over there? (He pointed to the equally dapper dressed woman in a silver raincoat at the back of the gallery)

Me: Mmm-Hmmm?

Man: We just got married over at the courthouse.

Me: Really? Well congratulations!

Man: It’s a wonderful thing. Marriage.

Me: Is it?

Man: Yes. It makes me very happy. It’s a wonderful thought that tomorrow I will wake up next to my WIFE and that I will wake up next to her for the rest of our lives.

Me: Yes. Yes, that sounds wonderful. (Dear God are you trying to kill me? Because that sounds utterly blissful and so very far away at the moment)

Man: I get to call her my WIFE.

Me: Yes. That is wonderful.

Man: Are you married? (glancing at my ring finger)

Me: No. No, I am not.

Man: Well, I highly recommend it. It will make you HAPPY.

Me:   …..pause…..    I’ll keep that in mind.

Man: I hope you do.

The women moved back to the front of the gallery and they all strolled happily back out into the rain.

All of them said, HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY!

I smiled and waved, assuring them I would indeed have a wonderful day.

Tomorrow I will start reading about puppies. Or winning lottery numbers. Or travel on a budget.

Dear Universe, Enough with the marriage thing already. I get it.

Miss MoL