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The Oldest Graveyard in Charleston, South Carolina. Complete with hanging moss.

This is a favorite picture of mine and appropriate for Halloween, as it happens.

I love graveyards. The historian in me loves pondering the lives of the people who are named on the crumbling, lichen covered stones. What were their lives like? Did they enjoy life? Who did they love? How long did they live?

Since the long-silent residents of the graveyard can’t answer my questions, my imagination kicks into gear and stories abound. By observing a quiet graveyard, writers can find as much opportunity for character formation as when observing the coffee crowd at Starbucks. Actually, more.

Happy Halloween!

Miss MoL

PS: I love candy corn and I don’t care who knows it! I only say it all defensive -like because people always tend to look at me with disgust and  shock when I say I LOVE it. Go Team Candy Corn!