Crunch time has come. I must go focus on my research and writing project for work that I have been ignoring. The completion of this project is crucial to:

A) keeping an agreement to finish  things I start

B) keeping my job (not really but sort of)

C) keeping up with the men in my business (not because I HAVE to, but because I WANT to)

D) moving forward in my career as an historian and art dealer

E) beginning to create my career as a published writer

F) kicking some ass in at least one area of my presently discombobulated life

That said I will leave you with a picture I took of two very interesting female icons: JANE AUSTEN (b. 1775) and BARBIE (created 1959). Who they were and/or what they may represent appeals to very different aspects of my personality.

COMING SOON: Chats with Barbie and Jane

I’m not positive, but I believe there is a story a-brewing about these two. I’ve already written about when Jane arrived in my possession and now, with Barbie in the mix, I think these two will have some interesting conversations. Writing about them will be a  great antidote to the academic seriousness (and dare I say stuffiness?) of the essay I am researching and writing at present. I’m looking forward to it.

Until then, rest up for the holidays ahead and I hope they are very happy days indeed.

Be Well,

Miss MoL

PS: I’m not a creepy doll collector**, but I probably could get out more.

** Both of these dolls were given to me – I did not seek them out. I’m not sure why I had to post that disclaimer, but, there you have it.