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Where I'm headed.


I feel bad about my poor neglected blog. My other writing project is coming along slowly, and indeed in December I have an actual hiatus from work to focus solely on my measly 4,500 word essay (that feels like 45 MILLION words), which will be a blessing.

In the meantime, I am taking a trip for EIGHT days. I am visiting family in the heartland of America. I am going to a place where there are seasons, brick houses, and possibly karaoke. There will be laughter, children, and a ROCKABILLY BAND practicing in the basement. There will be Tyler Martinis and turkey for all.

This has not been my favorite year of life. There was a lot of loss and upheaval for me this year. I will be happy when 2011 roles around even if it only represents a symbolic change. I’m ready for change; change that I can happily embrace as opportunity instead of seeing it as unsettling or unstable. I’m ready to shrug off the cloak of memories and melancholy and dive into a pool of a future frothy with happiness. This Turkey Day trip will definitely boost my spirits and hopefully do a big fat RE-START on my emotional batteries.

I am thankful for my unfailing family. I am thankful for the opportunity to escape to Iowa and enjoy the holidays with a tribe of wonderfully funny and unique human beings. They are MY tribe. I am fortunate to belong with them.

Happy Holidays to you and your tribe. And don’t forget to give them all a big, fat hug.


Miss MoL