In my writing quest this week, I took a break and re-read a few things (not essays, really. I usually refer to them as crap) I had written in the last few months. This portion of a longer piece on committment caught my eye. Since I can’t seem to write anything creatively new for this blog, I’m posting it. For whatever it’s worth.

Then there’s the question of love. How does that happen? I think that I’ve figured that one out, too, even though it sounds presumptuous of me to say so. Love also just happens. One day you’re holding hands and laughing together in the movie theater and the next day you wake up and realize you cannot keep it to yourself any longer; the pressure in your chest and the kaleidoscope of emotion in your mind and body cosmically combine in your heart to form those three little words and they come spilling out on a softly sunny Labor Day morning  as soon as you open your eyes and feel him there next to you thinking the same thing…

And there’s really nothing you can do about it. I wouldn’t want to do anything about it.  It just happens.