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House with dog.


Since the creativity that inspires my blog posts is on vacation, I decided to post some photos once in a while just to keep things interesting. It seems I am a photo junkie these days. Maybe it’s because of the light lately (we are finally experiencing some sort of a summer here during January much to the dismay of the rest of the snowy country) or maybe because I feel like documenting things visually rather than in writing.

House with dreamy view...


I have found the HIPSTAMATIC and PHOTO+ apps to be adversaries in this photo addiction phase of my life. These photos don’t use either app, though. They are un-retouched iphone photos taken with a shaky, over-caffeinated hand. By the way, I now have a whole FOUR apps purchased on my iphone as compared to some of my friends who have PAGES of apps. I’m not much of an app girl. And now that I’ve written the word “app” five times it looks completely wrong and kind of dumb…

Anyway, the photos above are the living area at the site of an art installation I did the other day. The glass, south facing walls roll up entirely to let in the sunlight, a warm breeze, and the occasional monarch butterfly. It was so beautiful there, it didn’t seem real, more like a postcard or fantasy. On a side note, the house is completely fire resistant; considering the last two years of fires we have had in this area, that’s a major bonus.

That house was another reminder of why I love my job. Just to be in that space for a few hours was rejuvenating and inspiring. And as someone who is currently house hunting, it made me drool with desire.


Miss MoL