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My new friendly neighbor.

I am slowly moving into the BROTHEL. It’s taking a while because I work full time and can’t afford to hire a team of people to “move me” while I’m at work. I should be all in this weekend, though, thanks to a team of family and friends.

Right now there’s a BRAND SPANKING NEW BED in the bedroom that I am so in love with it’s a little sad. There’s one old rug in the living room, one new/old lamp, and one fabulous long-admired, new painting that I got in trade for a writing assignment just yesterday.

My favorite part of the house so far is the resident cat who  wandered in the front door, plopped down in a patch of sunshine and watched me, in between taking a cat-bath, as I wandered through the rooms deciding where I was going to put things. He/she is a chatty cat being part siamese and all, so he/she will be good company and I would imagine a very good neighbor.

Life is good and getting better. Just add cats.

Miss MoL