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Yet another beloved book is about to come to the movie theater. I whined on this blog about EAT, PRAY LOVE being made into a movie with Julia Roberts as the lead and then ended up loving (well, maybe strongly liking) it after all.

I saw the preview for THE HELP yesterday. And I am skeptical again. The cast looks fantastic; an A-list roster of excellent female actors. I actually like the lead actress (Emma Stone). She’s cute in a quirky kind of way, but I just don’t see her in the role of Skeeter. She seems so young and without emotional gravity. Or maybe I am just judging from my perspective of being old(er) with an excess of emotional gravity.┬áIt’s too great of a story to be done lightly. So I worry.

Will I see the movie? You bet. And I hope I at least strongly like it.

And speaking of beloved books becoming movies – If you haven’t seen the new JANE EYRE movie, for the love of hunky Mr. Rochester go see it! On the big screen. I was so speechless afterward, I couldn’t even blog about it…sigh.