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Actually, a pretty good movie!

The main reason for this post was to not have the Royal Wedding be the first thing people saw when they came to my poor, neglected blog. That was weeks ago! Let’s keep current here, Miss MoL or at least give the illusion you are not totally creatively blocked!  And then I had that moment of panic in my brain when I realized I HAVE NOTHING TO BLOG ABOUT.


Sitting quietly for a moment, I flashed back to my outing yesterday. Definitely not a typical outing for me, but a fun and exciting experience, nontheless. And totally blog-worthy.

A friend of mine invited me to to go to the local Roller Derby bout/match/session (I’m not sure what you call it). It was a sold-out, beer drinking, rockabilly, fish-net clad, smiling crowd. And it was FUN!

The girls on the home team killed it with a final score of 2 billion to about 3 points for the other team. There was some falling and lots of pushing and T-shirt grabbing, but overall you could tell they were all just out there having FUN.

The girls had  names like BOOTY NINJA, VITA VIOLENCE, and SEMPER FATALE printed on their T-shirts. One girl’s name was VINO NOIR and her team number was 750ml. Now that’s funny! You’d expect (well, at least I did) these girls to be all tough and angry, but a great sense of humor pervaded the entire event. The NFL should take a few notes. And the NBA. And most especially the PGA. Let’s lighten up, folks!

For a moment I thought it might be fun to join this tribe of funny, shoving, girls-on-wheels, but I’m not sure I want to roll around in public wearing my underwear. Plus, I bruise if I even look at, well,  ANYTHING.

I shall return to watch these girls in their next bout. And I highly recommend the experience if you’ve never been. You’ll be spilling your beer as you jump up to whoop for the home team in no time.

Just don’t forget your fishnets and your booty shorts.

Life is good. Just add roller skates.

Miss MoL

PS: The movie Whip It was a pleasant surprise! I’m glad I got over my slight aversion to Drew Barrymore and ordered it up on Netflix. And I also love the tag line on the movie poster: BE YOUR OWN HERO. Nice.