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1. If you listen to your iPod without headphones or external speakers it sounds like an old-school AM radio. I kind of like it.

2. Favorite line from recent 30 Rock (Alec Baldwin – of course):  I was so depressed I ate an entire carton of foie gras. I almost couldn’t drink my morning shower scotch.

3.The images of the whole earthquake/tsunami/radiation disaster still wake me in the middle of the night. And I wasn’t even there. What must the people who experienced it be feeling?

4. I think that some people are considered smart because they have the ability to retain and then regurgitate a lot of facts. If I could remember everything I have learned I’d be bloody Einstein. Or at least Einstein-ish.

5. Sarah Palin concurrently amuses and scares the crap out of me. Donald Trump is just a clown.

6. I really like THIS BLOG. She’s young, interesting, lives in Brooklyn, has a sense of humor, is a good writer, and has no idea who I am. She also takes and shares great photos. I totally enjoy reading about her life, which might sound kind of creepy, but it’s not. I just have blog/life envy.

7. One time when my daughter was about 4, I told her that a piece of grilled shark was chicken, because I knew she would like it if she tried it. Which she did. Yeah, I lied. Whatever. She turned out okay. And she eats fish. Except now maybe she shouldn’t – see next list item.

8. Can we still eat tuna at the sushi bar if it comes from Japan? Is it radiated? Does the radiation kill off the mercury? These are the questions that keep me up at night. See item number 3.

9. Random movie quote:  “Did you know the human head weighs 12 pounds? Did you know that Bees and Dogs can smell fear?”

I’ll stop at nine. A nice odd number.


Miss MoL

PS: Is anyone else looking forward to some serious laughs from the movie BRIDESMAIDS?  Or is it just me. Anyone?