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A Few Happy Things.

I started to write a post full of sarcasm and judgement. There is a (bad!) ELVIS IMPERSONATOR performing down the street today just ripe for the sarcastic picking. But today I choose not to go to the dark side of my brain. Instead, I will share with you a few happy things and maybe they will help your day be happier as opposed to reading a sarcastic post that may make you chuckle, but could, conversely, be a breeding ground for your own dark thoughts. (Exactly how many grammatical errors are in that last sentence? Never mind. Let’s press on with the HAPPY!)


The window in my bedroom. Okay, not really.

Last night it rained at about 2am. It was the first night in my new house during a rain and it was heavenly. My bedroom is essentially a made-over back porch, so there is nothing between me and and a downpour except a non-insulated roof, perfect for hearing rain. It’s a small, cozy bedroom, not unlike being on a boat. I often feel like I’m on a boat when at home as the floor slants in different directions throughout the house, so as I make my way from one end of the house to the other, I am often careening like a drunken sailor, putting my arms out for support. That’s a bit of an exaggeration, but not too much.

So, last night I rode out the storm in my ship cabin as the rain came down. Other than some piece of metal outside the window that caught errant drops with a non-methodical *PING*, it was peaceful as can be. Officially, the best room ever for lying in bed and listening to the rain. Now, that makes me happy.


My new girlfriend.

The movie BRIDESMAIDS made me laugh really hard. So hard there were tears. It keeps getting compared to THE HANGOVER, which didn’t make me laugh (I think I’m the only person on the planet that didn’t like it), but it’s not like The Hangover at all. Just go see it. The airplane scene alone is worth the ticket price. I now have a girl-crush on Kristen Wiig because she made me so happy and she’s really pretty in a normal person kind of way (as opposed to Angelina Jolie) and I like that about her. Not to mention her ridiculous facial-contortion ability. I think we have a new Bridget Jones in the house.


My current life soundtrack has shifted dramatically from my last cry-baby MUSICAL MONTAGE to some powerfully happy stuff. It’s not bubble-gum lite happy stuff, but happy stuff with guts (although I will confess that Katy Perry’s TEENAGE DREAM makes me happy too). Today’s (and yesterday’s) theme song is  DOG DAYS ARE OVER by Florence and the Machine. I love them. Her. Whatever. She has such a haunting, unique voice that reminds me of 80s underground, pseudo-punk bands like the Cocteau Twins, Echo and the Bunnymen, etc. Plus she’s kind of weird and I like weird especially in this age of over-sexy pop tarts (yeah, I know – Katy Perry, but I still like that song). Anyone who can work a harp into such a rocking tune deserves a grammy. FLORENCE and her machine make me happy. I’m posting the video because it is an awesome song worth sharing.


Photo courtesy of MountZionBaptistChristianSchool.com. I'm not making that up.

I walked out of the gallery the other day onto the sidewalk to stand in the sun for a minute and dwell on my list of things to do. Parked across the street was a yellow school bus (not the short one) full of little kids most likely six years old. I stood there looking at the bus but not seeing the bus. You know what I mean? As I started to see the bus I noticed a little brown haired girl waving frantically at me with a big grin on her face. Her smile was missing a couple of front teeth. She was looking hard at me, grinning, waving, slightly bouncing in her seat. I smiled and waved back, slightly bouncing on the balls of my feet to match her enthusiasm (yes, I’m sure passers-by thought I was insane, but what else is new). At that moment the bus pulled away, but we didn’t stop smiling and waving to each other until the school bus turned the corner at then end of the block. THAT? That little moment right there? It made me happy for a really long time. I’m still smiling. But with all my teeth in place.

It’s the little things like rain, movies, music, and toothless, grinning children.

Life is good. Just add the little things.

Miss MoL