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Yesterday at work, my friend brought me a CD of HIS friend’s music. I took it home, put it on and fell in love. I can’t stop listening to it. It’s haunting and sad and strong and some parts are sheer beauty not unike the woman who is singing.

My friend brought her into the gallery last year and I couldn’t stop staring at her. She glows with charisma and talent and soul. If I’d been able to speak coherently and could have thought of something to say other than I  LOVE YOU – YOU ARE SO PRETTY – I LOVE YOUR MUSIC, I would have. But I was star-struck dumb. All I could get out was HELLO followed by a nervous laugh. Totally lame.

This album is called HARD BARGAIN. Below is a link to the video of her singing one of the songs she co-wrote with my friend, Mr. Will Jennings. Click on the album cover to get to the video.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Ms. Emmylou  Harris.


I hope you enjoy it.

Miss MoL

PS: Any of you out there who are PATTY GRIFFIN fans should love this album. It was produced by Jay Joyce who produced Patty’s FLAMING RED. There’s a certain ethereal quality wandering through the music that will sound familiar. Sigh.

PPS: Thanks, Will, for the gift of such lovely music.