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Yesterday, my co-worker and I were having a discussion that started off when I went on a rant about parents who let their kids watch a DVD while out to dinner together in public. That stuff drives me CRAZY.  I’m sure you’ve seen the same thing. Way to go with the family bonding, people!

Anyway, he proceeded to tell me he understood my concerns for the next generation’s ability to actually talk to and not text their parents, but that I sounded just like every other generation that had come before. “Those young whippersnappers” and that sort of thing.

I said,

Maybe I should get the words OLD SCHOOL tattooed on my forehead.

And he said,


Ouch. But I digress. The subject of lost social communication, table manners, and human interaction,  is a much longer post that I will get to eventually. For now, I will just make this seemingly random list of POP CULTURE items that may or may not help my case in whether or not I am PALEOLITHIC.

1. I had a dream about JUSTIN BIEBER the other night. He was the spokesperson for a new App that I had created called Spring Fever. Apparently this App would give you a great haircut. Great Hair = Justin Bieber. I would say 100 pop culture points for me for knowing who Justin Bieber is and that his hair is semi-iconic. I’m glad he cut it, though. He looked like a woman before.

2. BRISTOL PALIN  is getting her own reality show. Shocker!! Minus 400 pop-culture points for everyone, everywhere because no one should get any points EVER for mentioning the Palin name.

3. American Idol is not on my to-watch list. However, I did see a performance last night by MARC ANTHONY* on the finale. Does ANYONE really care about Marc Anthony? What am I missing here? He’s like a non-charismatic version of Desi Arnaz, trying really hard and just failing. No, really. Why was he on the show at all?? Am I missing something other than he is married to one of the judges (and I have to say, she is ridiculously beautiful)? Is he popular AT ALL? Anywhere? And dear GOD was that Sheila E. playing the drums? Talk about old school. Come on! No one gets any points for anything. Except maybe JLo for putting up with an emaciated, faux Desi.

4. The Disney version of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST** played in my house for many years on repeat. It was one of my daughter’s favorites. Whenever it would get to the part when the Beast turns into a Prince, I would hit stop on the VHS player (yeah, old school). The reason being that I thought the Beast was WAY more romantically appealing than the Prince. Is that wrong? I’d rather stick with the grumpy old beast who had some personality than end up with the shiny new Prince who looked like a girl. Actually, I still feel that way. Call me Paleolithic, but I’ll take the Beast any day over some texting, Justin Bieber-haired, girly-prince. 1,000 points for me.


Ultimately. I am happy being an antique, even if I am negative in the pop culture points. Who’s counting, anyway (other than my co-worker)?


Miss MoL

* Funny story- I typed Marc Anthony’s name originally as Marc ANTONY – as in the ancient Roman politician famous for shenanigans with Cleopatra among other political maneuvers. I guess I AM an antique.

** Okay, so maybe Beauty and the Beast is not current pop culture, but whatever. I love the Beast and just wanted to talk about him.