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TWO YEARS AGO TODAY was a day of surprises; family on the front porch. A quiet moment of gratitude and love before the crowds descended. A day for an unexpected flowing red dress. A day of laughter in the kitchen. Angel food cake with strawberries soaked in sugar. Friend-made food. And more family. A day of party lights strung around the patio, umbrellas in drinks, punch and wine. A day of guitar music, more friends, more family, both old and new.  And more guitar music. More. More love, more life.
Ribbon wrapped presents, cards of caring, flowers, hugs, smiles relaxing into laughter, singing, candles blown out with a wish. A day of gifts received and given, some in boxes, some just words. A day of celebrating a supremely-special life.

Two years ago today is a cherished memory; the kind of memory that will beckon like a warm light through a window on a cold, cold day and be there whenever I, or you, want to remember. And I do.

I hope all is well and happy in your world and that today there are candles on a cake celebrating supremely-special you. Don’t forget to make a wish…



This song has been running through my head all night and into this morning…