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I’ve been out of town for the last few days (more on that in another post) and returned to a jam packed email inbox. While yawning, drinking coffee, and clicking delete on every  other email, I stopped as one subject line caught my eye;

Wentworth Mansion Celebrates Ms. Betty’s 80th Birthday

Ms. Betty and her gold name tag.

I’ve referred to Ms. Betty on this blog once before. She came up in a post I wrote about the book THE HELP.

ANYWAY. I got this email (with a picture of her!) stating that the WENTWORTH MANSION in Charleston, South Carolina (hands down the most wonderful place I have EVER stayed in my whole history of hotel staying) had a special invitation for previous visitors. It was an invitation to Ms. Betty’s surprise 80th Birthday party on a sure-to-be-sticky-hot Sunday afternoon in July.

The Wentworth Mansion recognized, as I did (and apparently hundreds of others have) the uniqueness that is Ms. Betty. Dayum. How wonderful is that?

Instead of trekking out to the Carolinas I will have to blog yet another birthday card:


Regrettably, I cannot come to your birthday soireè. And I just KNOW you deserve to sit on a birthday throne and have your favorite cake and ice cream, sip a mint julep, and receive a whole lot of the sweet stuff you have given to others. I’m just one person, who met you only once, but Lady? You made an impression of goodness. You sang happy birthday to me that day and I wish I could sing it back to you next month.

I’m glad the Wentworth Mansion appreciates you. Thank you again for your sweet singing. Enjoy every moment of your day and I wish more than anything and for many reasons that D and I could be right there with you.

With much fondness,

Miss Susan, the girl with the blue scarf.