Unidentifiable Parade Entry.

We have been “suffering” the doldrums of June Gloom here in our seaside town. Waking every morning to grey skies does not make one want to spring out of bed filled with new ideas for one’s life or work. But, fingers crossed, that all may be behind us now.

This morning I rolled out of bed, ready to decide which sweater I was going to wear to work while the rest of the world was putting on on their bikinis, grabbing  innertubes and heading to the beach/pool/river/lake. Lucky suckers.

But Holy Mother of Solstice, the sun was out and indeed the birds were singing. I LOVE summer (maybe because I was born in the deep winter and summer melts the ice in my veins). And it seems at last it has arrived.

Yesterday was our town’s annual Summer Solstice Parade and it seems the whackadoodle pagan freak show brought the sun out for good. I also love parades. Especially when they are followed by  family, friends, and sangria at my house (which is in post-parade-party central).

Work is insanely busy this month, so blog posts have taken a back seat. There is much to catch up on, but for now I leave you with this sweet photo of my mom and nephew enjoying the parade in the shade of a purple parasol. A good time was had by all.


Happy Summer!