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Thanks again, JB.

I’m never one to get political. It’s just not in my repertoire of things to discuss on a regular basis. However.

Recent politics in Washington, the division of parties, the hate mongering, the lack of support for America’s leader just because it feeds their party rather than what might be better for the greater good, the wars abroad and the wars between our own political parties, a deficit that amounts to so many dollars there will soon not be a word for it (how about Bajuhzillions?), the Clowns (Donald Trump), the frightening Vapids (Sarah Palin), our hideous health care system … all of that makes me feel deflated and I just want to go stare at the ocean and think about kittens.

Yesterday, I was reminded of something. Reminded of Hope. Reminded that things can change if we work at it. Reminded that indeed America is an incredible place and I am, we are, part of it.

Yesterday, I sat in a lawn chair at a fund raiser for a local Congresswoman and listened up close and personal to Jackson Browne sing his song I AM A PATRIOT. Mr. No Nukes himself was a few feet away (as in less than 10 feet), singing it and meaning it.

I looked over at Ms. Congresswoman and saw her bright blue eyes shining with hope and fearlessness as she faces her “toughest election year in recent history”. I looked up at the red, white, and blue balloons flying over the stage and felt happy. I looked out across the ocean that blew in a cool evening breeze across my new white summer dress and felt like the luckiest girl in the world. I heard JB singing from his heart and I got it.

The word PATRIOT can sound like a derogatory word these days, especially among people of my generation and political bent. But I am a patriot and I was inspired again yesterday by a Congresswoman who is genuinely kind and by an honest-to-God troubador for change and hope.

It was the following lines of the song that moved me to tears (yes, I cry at political fundraisers now, too.):

I am a patriot

And I love my country

Because my country is all I know.

I want to be with my family

People who understand me

I’ve got no where else to go.

This post sounds so serious upon re-reading it, but really it’s just one woman’s reacquaintance with hope on many levels.

The power of speech and the power of music and the freedom of both are strong elements for change in any arena; be it personal or political.

Cheers, fellow patriots.

Miss MoL