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After my last post, a lot has happened to help me calm down. I am all kittens and flower fairies in my demeanor now, purring contentedly.

The beast of anger was tamed by  a Wizard movie, an outdoor movie, a magic garden,
a Clambake/Lobster cookout followed by a dinner party, and a woman named Anny.

The Wizard movie.

Weaving its way through all of these events and moments were wonderful people. People who make me laugh from way deep inside, people who listen, people who care, people I can be myself around (and they still like me!), old friends and new friends.

The outdoor movie, complete with full moon. That's Fred and Ginger on the screen.

These wonderful, funny, delightful people have helped shove me into a new way of seeing my life. And it’s good, my life.

The magic zen garden; The perfect place for those inflicted with latent road rage.

Sure the beast of resentment, the sometimes-seductive sirens of revenge and anger will probably show up again, but for now I am floating on the realization that something has shifted in to the HAPPY.

A place to make a wish in the magic garden. Which I did.

Something has moved me into a new circle of people who have subsequently helped me rise to the top of cloud nine like the many sparkling champagne bubbles rising in my glass yesterday afternoon.

Holy crap, life is MOTHERF***ING good.

Proof that I am so Zen I can put my feet up while I am working at my computer and check out my pedicure.