Party number 5.


Blogging (and sleeping) have taken a back seat to to my social duties.

July has been a busy month. After the desert-like social life I’ve had for months, all of sudden it’s raining parties; dress-up-in-your-finest-frock-and-wear-heels-all night type of parties, too. This sort of party prep requires A LOT of energy; hair, accessorising, and the ever nagging dilemma of WHICH F-ING SHOES SHOULD I WEAR THAT WILL LET ME MAKE IT THROUGH FOUR HOURS OF STANDING/DANCING/WALKING IN A NORMAL, NON-LIMPING MANNER? Needless to say, all that energy spent leaves none left to process real (unlike this one) stories and photos that are now back-logged to June.



Party number 4,000.



I’m looking forward to this Wednesday when I can dress down and get down to an awesome Rockabilly band with a visiting sister who knows how to DO. IT. UP.

Party on, people. Party on.

PS: It may sound like I am complaining, but I’m not. I’m happy to have clothing and shoes be my biggest problems for a while.



Party number WTF?