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As usual, I am one step behind the cool kids (actually more like fifty steps, but I don’t think anyone is paying attention except my co-worker who reminds me quite frequently how much of a dinosaur I am becoming. Kids today, I tell you.).


Last weekend I devoured (pun totally intended) THE HUNGER GAMES , by Suzanne Collins, in my seaside reading nook. It was delicious and satisfying on many levels. It contains post-apocalyptic-ish social commentary that relates directly to current events.

If you are not one to shy away from juvenile fiction, enjoy a little sexual tension in your tales (although the characters are under-agers, so that’s kind of creepy), would like to inhale a book written with all the wordy bread crumbs leading you from chapter to chapter keeping you up until one in the morning, then by all means read THE HUNGER GAMES.

It was so riveting that I had to ration it. I tried, anyway. And failed.

And yes, (to end on a stupid pun) IT LEFT ME HUNGRY FOR MORE. You had to have known that was coming.

Jennifer Lawrence as the heroine, Katniss Everdeen. I have to say she is f-ing beautiful AND she gets to kick some ass. Lucky!

A movie comes out in March of 2012, so I will have yet another BOOK INTO MOVIE  comparison report. Woot! (Woot is now in the dictionary, so it’s totally legit to use in this post and not just in text messages to young people. Thank God.)

Read on, people.

Miss MoL