Okay. I initially wrote out this post and it ended up being almost 700 words. Waaaaaaaaaay too long!

The initial post was about how guilty I feel for having fantasies of marching through a dark alley swinging a machete over my head as I close in on my emotional nemesis.

I feel guilty because we are still so close to the 9/11 anniversary and I should be aspiring toward tolerance and peace with some forgiveness thrown in and instead I have off-road rage again. In a dark alley while not driving.

Getting to the point, I saw Emmy Lou Harris in concert last night. Her bright, clear voice helped me hear the words of a song that I love. And it helped. It helped me calm the Eff down. It helped me remember that LOVE REALLY IS ALL THAT MATTERS IN THE END. I honestly believe that, because really the alternative is no alternative at all and life is so very short to dwell in dark alleys.

So this one’s for you all and the you who knows who you are (awesome grammar, there). And in under 200 words!

(FYI- in the interest of space and time , I am including only the verses that resonated with me. Because I can.)

She really is that beautiful.



I can still remember every song you played
Long ago when we were younger and we rocked the night away
How could I see your future then where you would not grow old
With such a fire in our belly, such a hunger in our souls.

I guess I probably loved you when those words rolled off your tongue
It seemed that we were travelin’ under some ol’ lucky sun
I know I couldn’t save you and no one was to blame
But the road we shared together once will never be the same.

Hey, hey gonna fly away
Won’t be comin’ round today
Hey, hey, with a song I pray
And on the wings of a song I’ll fly away.

So I carried on. You can’t be haunted by the past.
People come and people go. And nothin’ ever lasts.
But I still think about you and wonder where you are,
Can you see me from some place up there among the stars?

But down here under heaven there never was a chart
To guide our way across this crooked highway of the heart
And if it’s only all about the journey in the end
On that road I’m glad I came to know you, my old friend.

Hey, hey gonna fly away
Won’t be comin’ round today
Hey hey, with a song I pray
And on the wings of a song I’ll fly away.


PS: Thanks Emmy. And the next time we meet I won’t be such a lame-ass-star-struck moron. Maybe.

PPS: Many thanks to my friend Will Jennings who has shared much new music and his friends with me in the last year, all while being generous with his CDs and concert tickets. He is a rare breed of gentle man.