I love this place.

So. I am packing for an eight day trip to San Francisco. This trip will include one BIG fancy party, one semi-fancy party, lunch in a mansion in Sonoma, a Halloweenie costume party, and an underground trip to a renovated speakeasy in the heart of the city that serves bourbon like nobody else (and you need a password to get in!).

In between all these social shindigs, I’ll be acting like a professional for 9-10 hours a day on my feet selling my little art-heart out. It’s a lot of work, but I’m really looking forward to getting out of town for a while, for anonymity at parties, for the opportunity to meet some new people, to see an art collection (in the Sonoma mansion) that is one of the finest around, and to spend an hour or more every morning walking around one of the most beautiful cities in America. Not a bad way to spend eight days. I am fortunate.

With this crazy schedule comes not a lot of time to blog or anything else, hence the coming SILENCE OF THE BLOG (not that it’s been super noisy lately).

After I get back I will come home and sleep for three days and then go to another party and an opportunity to sell some of my favorite artist’s paintings.

Life is good. Busy, but good. Maybe I will be able to blog before Christmas? If you need me I will be the one (still steaming from a hot bath) on the couch, wrapped in a soft red blanket, drinking tea, watching some/any BBC production with the shades drawn, in a cocoon of TLC regrouping for the November events spilling onto my calendar like so many silver stars.

When the lights go down in the city…

Miss MoL