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Japanese Maple at a magical house, Sonoma, October 2011.

T’IS THE NIGHT BEFORE THANKSGIVING and all through the house, the aroma of  friggin bacon is driving me crazy. In a good way.

What is it about bacon? The smell is a porcine /slash/ human siren song, especially when it is cooking; hot and greasy.

For the past few months I have been by technical definition a vegan. By my own definition, I decided to eat what seemed right for me. And meat was not it. I just did not want it (or dairy) and  it physically didn’t seem necessary.

But tonight – the night before the familial fabulousness that is Thanksgiving, I waltzed through my house baking and creating a few things – one of which contained bacon, fresh herbs from the farmer’s market, buttermilk biscuits, onions, mushrooms, the usual fall ingredients. My gosh my house smells good. I am drunk on the smell and 400 small bites of crispy bacon.

In tandem with my baking is a country music celebration for the Obamas at the Whitehouse. Good stuff. They look so down home and normal and I want to like him so much – Mr. Obama that is. He just looks and talks like a regular man (and no, not Joe sixpack) who would undertstand, well, the maelstrom of shit that is happening  in our great country and not only understand it, but be able to deal with it and set it on a right course. Please, Mr. Obama. Get this country moving in a positive, non-pepper spraying direction.

In the meantime, Lyle Lovett is on again. He is the shit. AND he should have considered marrying me rather than Julia Roberts if he wanted a lasting relationship… I’m just sayin’. Hey Lyle? Call me.

The other singer who kills me on this “Obama has a night with country music singers” is Alison Krauss. She always gives me chills with her high, clear, real, and yet somehow ethereal voice. I was in the kitchen, chopping onions for the bacon when I heard her voice and it was NOT the onions that made me cry. She could sing the ABC’s and I would cry. But that’s just me.

To wrap things up (with bacon!) in this non-sensical holiday post, HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all and safe journeys to wherever you are headed for a feast. I am Thankful for my family and the safety of my daughter who is 8 thousand miles away and soon to be in Africa. I am hopeful (still!) that Mr. O will help get us out of this mess, with or without the country music.

Have a wonderful day!

Miss MoL