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It is, indeed, a Wonderful Life even if we get beaten up a little bit.

Holy Crap, I love the Holidays. I really do. Not for the commercialism or the mass spending of obscene amounts of money on useless landfill-bound items, and not for the Lifetime movie channel holiday movies starring every out of work 80s actor.

I love the holidays because of all the decorations around town, people smiling more than usual (no really, they are), giving thoughtful presents to my family and friends, and the tear-jerker classic Christmas movies that come on television and make you stay up until one in the  morning, because even though you’ve seen it 50 times it’s ALWAYS good and meaningful (I”m talking to you, George Bailey) and you can SING ALONG (Hello? Meet Me in St. Louis???).

And then there are the Christmas carols. The traditional Lo How A Rose E’r Blooming, to the awesome Baby It’s Cold Outside, to Joni Mitchell’s more contemporary (and melancholy) River. I love them all and have been known to sing them while bathing, cooking, blogging, exercising, and especially when driving in the car.

The whole reason I started this post was because I saw the SNOW on the wordpress.com home page. I LOVE that snow! I don’t know why it makes me happy, but, ridiculously, it does. And then I thought it looks a bit like Charlie Brown snow, which brought me to Vince Guaraldi whose Christmas music has been playing in my house since Thanksgiving day, and then I thought I would share a Charlie Brown Christmas musical video with all of you and then I ended up writing a whole bunch of other stuff.

Without further delay- Vince and Chuck. Happy Holidays!