Coming into town.

We just ended an incredibly busy work year with a three day sojourn to Palm Springs. Unfortunately, my sunny poolside desires were squashed by rain and coldness, but the giant suite I had with an uber soft king sized bed made up for it. I love hotels. Good hotels.

A few things happened in Palm Springs. And since it wasn’t Vegas, I can tell you about it (although I hate Vegas, so there will never be anything to tell anyway).

1. The Palm Springs Museum kicks ass. Beautiful building, giant theater, insane collection.

2. There were 300 people at this reception, all gathered in one room (the room where there was wine and food), so I got to wander the museum alone. I took in an Andrew Wyeth exhibition ALL BY MYSELF. There were some not-so-great drawings, some muddy watercolors and one painting that was so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes and made my heart race. His use of white space is astounding; crisp and relevant. His paintings are so very American to me and yet there is a European influence that i’m too ineloquent to pin point in mere words. Some things should just be seen and felt, not analyzed. Since I was alone, I took illegal photos. They should know better than to leave me alone (pretty much anywhere) with a camera.

It's the Wyeth in the middle.

3. I discovered an App for my phone called 8mm and tormented my co-workers all weekend by filming them. I filmed my hotel room as well. I filmed the film on the television (Pretty Woman), and the swimming pool at night in the rain. People thought my taking still pictures of them (and everything else) was obsessive, well now they are running for the hills when they see me with my super-cool video thing pointed at them. However, WordPress will not let me post video here, so the world is spared my inane filming.

4. DO NOT listen to Sarah Bareilles after you have just put on mascara to go out. I thought I could handle it, but no. Girl makes me cry everytime.

5. Eat at Sherman’s deli in Palm Springs. I am still reeling from the deliciousness . The bagels and lox is haunting my taste buds. Good thing I have it on film to re-visit…

My morning walk vista.

6. I really regretted being afraid of heights yesterday. The funicular/tramway thing to the top of the mountain looks like one of the coolest things ever. And there was an entire winter wonderland up there. Damn. It would take a lot of chardonnay to get me on that thing, if at all. But I regret it. I may have to go back just for that.

7. I got REALLY tired of being the only person at these events without a partner/spouse and being asked why I wasn’t married, etc. Especially one (married) man who said, “You’re not married? But you’re such a knock out!”  What does one say to that? Thank you? Screw you? Who let you out of the clown car? I was at a loss and have been searching for a snappy comeback ever since.

Bar at the Parker Meridian. I saw no drugs anywhere.

8. We had a martini break one night and terrorized two different hipster bars. I wore crappy jeans and we were all in bed by 10:00. That’s how raging and hipster we were.

But the martinis were delicious. I love a really good vodka martini and these were epic. At one point I was wandering around the gardens at the Parker Meridian (without a coat) filming misty pathways and under-lit swimming pools (see item 3) until someone had the good sense to come find me and take me inside where it wasn’t 20 degrees.

Self portrait at the Viceroy.

9. Sometimes the only way to get a picture of yourself on a trip is to take it yourself. I was enamored with this cheap-ass faux antler mirror. I thought it was very Evil Queen’s mirror from Snow White. Right? Sadly, it would not fit in my purse.

Some fine local art in a Mexican joint. Actually, I love this kitschy Californio stuff. Bring on the black velvet paintings!

10. Palm Springs is the juxtoposition of cool little old Hollywood desert town and Disneyland (or bright facades hiding slightly seedy backdrops). I like it there. Especially the mountains that loom in a protective, non threatening way. And if I was an avid golfer or a drag queen I would SCORE at the local thrift stores.

Leaving Palm Springs.

All in all, it was a colorful end to an exhausting year. Here’s to vacation and some holiday cheer for us all.