Happy Boxing Day!

My mantle in the now defunct brothel.

This first picture is of the fireplace mantle in my new house. Well, new since May. I love the little Edwardian fireplace that probably kept all the hookers warm after their work day was done (see THIS POST for reference to Ladies of the Evening in my house). I have yet to use the fireplace, because I’m pretty sure it will set off all the smoke alarms. But it looks very picturesque.

Maybe you have to be there for it to be funny.

This second mantle photo was taken at my friend Barbara’s house. It has now become a tradition to take the charming blocks that spell out MERRY CHRISTMAS and bastardize them in to the irreverent CREMY SHITMAS, which, while it means nothing, allows for hours of adolescent-type laughter. It’s the little things that make the holidays so bright.

Whether your Christmas was MERRY or CREMY, I hope it was wonderful. Mine was delightfully  filled with epic family moments, really good friends, and lots and lots of Brie cheese.