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NOTE: I am, recently,  so uninspired toward any form of creativity that I am posting this post that I wrote over two weeks ago that is crap. Also, there is a lot of swearing in it. 

Forgive the sloppy post about to reveal itself. Whatever virus that has been felling the ranks of family and friends this holiday season is paying me a visit. Everything aches, I am hot and cold at the same time, and my brain is dull and fuzzy without a fever.

The picture below is from yesterday, my birthday, when an obliging sister let me draft her physically-fitself up a mountain trail in the overly hot sun to have a birthday view. It was completely worth it. It was probably about 70-75 degrees, but felt like 90 as we were walking.

She was smart and brought water for both of us, a first aid kit, oranges, and chocolate. I brought a cup of coffee. My hiking skillz are out of practice as I have been sticking to the beaches for the last couple of years. But it was good thing she was experienced or I would have expired 1/4 of the way up and then we would have had to call search and rescue followed by an embarrassing airlift to the hospital, a segment on the evening news, etc. etc.

Birthday View. Not too shabby.

After the hike (and a shower) I took myself to see the movie The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. The contrast from bright light and hot sun to dark theater and wintry Sweden was pretty dramatic, and yet perfect. The opening sequence (which is like a James Bond opening movie sequence dripping in black) is very effective. Zeppelin’s, The Immigrant Song, you know the one – We come from the land of the ice and snow, from the midnight sun where the hot springs flow– made me feel all tough and I wanted to stand up in the theater and shout,

“Fuck Yeah, Bitches! I come from the land of ice and snow and I’m gonna kick your ass!”

But I didn’t and I don’t and I probably can’t. Got that?

It’s impossible to see this movie and not only compare it to the book but also to the excellent Swedish version of the movie.

Comparisons to the book: they changed the ending, but otherwise were true to the story.

Comparisons to the Swedish movie: the Hollywood version had more money and it showed in the production quality and cinematography. Also, everyone is prettier than the Swedish actors (although, Noomi Rapace is hot). I did appreciate the fact that the harsh, wintry light accentuated everyone’s wrinkles and revealed that Robin Wright’s crow’s feet and mine are very similar (and that’s where our similarities end, sadly).

That’s as in depth as I will get for this pathetic review. If you liked the book, go see the movie. It’s time for my nap.


Miss Mol