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It’s almost 1am on a school night and I am wide awake. It’s been an evening of post-war Downton Abbey drama and real world musical accolades and memoriams.

First of all, Whitney Houston. I just erased the 100 words I wrote about her. Enough has been said. It is a waste, pure and simple – Whitney’s life, not my words.

Oh, yeah.

Secondly, I LOVVVVE Downton Abbey. However, after tonight I really hope that Julian Fellowe’s doesn’t turn it all into General Hospital with pretty dresses. It’s starting to feel a bit like a soap opera. Ugh. But, good things have happened. Matthew is “upright” and able to sire the family. Oh, thank God.

And I could go on with all of that, but I what I really want to write about is Adele. She won the shit out of the American Grammy’s. Oh, thank God. I was disillusioned with Rihanna (what was that whole thing with Cold Play, anyway?) and Carrie Underwood and any other country stars with SOOO much make-up on that the country was/has been lost on me. I applaud Lady Gaga, but her music and persona is such a non-reality to me. It’s difficult to relate. On a side note: Kelly Clarkson? Wow. Girl can sing like a powerhouse.

The most disturbing part for me is the way that “entertainment” and “talent” for these young girls is depicted and scripted for them as grinding against man and pole and it just make me cringe. This is what they have to give? Or rather, this is what the industry thinks they should give? These girls have talent. And it is bastardized into a slutty show of sexuality and submission or, even more sad, domination. Ugh.

And then there’s Adele.  She writes her own songs. She doesn’t dance (I’ve seen her in concert, it’s just her and a band – no back up dancers, just  a charming personality, snappy patter and an epic TALENT). And why? Because she doesn’t need the back up. She backs herself up with lyrics that she writes, a lot of soul, and honest personality. And some profanity, which just adds to the charm. She is the same age as my daughter, who is also beautiful, talented and her own undeniable person. She doesn’t need any back-up dancers. Oh, thank God.

Somehow in this crazy-ass Kardashian, reality television, celebrity thin-ness obsessed world that can invade my world, knowing that someone like Adele was so honored tonight makes me happy and have a little more faith in … something. I don’t even know what, exactly. But something. Real people, humble people, talented people, people who don’t give a fuck about what anyone else thinks? Yeah. All of that.

Just be yourselves, people. The world needs you.

Miss MoL