I spent many years as a graphic designer. The draw was I was slightly obsessed with the technology that enabled me to put words with images. My phone is a visual palimpsest of images from my every-day life that have been languishing in obscurity, but every one of them was taken for a reason.

It occurred to me that PHOTO ROULETTE could be a forum for sharing some of these images on this blog and reminding myself of what the heck I have been doing in my life. Wait, what? Using a blog as a confessional, self-indulgent forum to share with EVERYONE? Whaaat?

So for real, I spun through the images on my phone, shut my eyes and chose one and I SWEAR this is the one my finger landed on without switching to another because it had a better story. In the process, I hope to MAKE myself write about something that is true and maybe make the not-so-interesting image a little more interesting (and stretch my craptastic creative writing chops a bit). Read on if you will. If not, you can go HERE to find a real wordsmith’s creations.

Spin the wheel of life-images; ’round and ’round she goes and here is where the ball dropped tonight:

Tonight's Image Roulette Winner.

Dear God I have so many of these types of images on my phone, it doesn’t look too exciting to me as beautiful a scene as it is, but that’s where the creativity comes in, right?

It was a hometown gorgeous day, cold in the shade from the breeze, but where we sat in the sun, a light jacket and dark glasses made it quite comfortable. There were a few moments of blonde-on-blonde sister talk about the light on the ocean, the hungry spinnakers reaching for the wind with their colorful clouds of speed, how the offshore islands hold the clouds the way they do, why some jeans fit and others just don’t. The usual.

We were soon joined by parent and step parent bringing with them a pink cheeked child hungry for the open beach after the Natural History museum’s taxidermied darkness. He was also hungry for a grilled cheese sandwich whose crusts I devoured when he was distracted by kid-sized sand-pushing yellow trucks.

So yeah, wind and sea, sun and  a “cold” California winter breeze; the kind of breeze that blows through one ear and out the other eliminating cobwebs (no blonde jokes apply here) resulting in clarity. Fresh fish tacos, spicy salsa, a view of the better Lead Point, a Sunday Bloody Mary, resulting in a nap.

This picture is a reminder of a good afternoon of family, children, far horizons, and solidity in life even as my chair precariously shifted in the sand, proof evident in the slanted horizon line of this photo.

Miss MoL