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Not that I’ve been writing here much at all lately, but I will probably be writing even less in the coming weeks. Tomorrow, I board a flight to embark upon a two week sojourn in London (and its immediate environs) and Scotland, which is exciting new territory for me. Scotland incites all sorts of romantic images of plaid scarves, torchlit castle walls, ruddy cheeked Scotsmen, smallish rooms with warm fires, ruddy cheeked Scotsman in the smallish room with the warm fire, and the siren song of possibility.

Computer time will be scarce (by choice). However, as can often happen when traveling, I may be so inspired by my surroundings that I write more than ever. In fact, the impact of new environs typically ignites my inspiration and fans into a raging bonfire of thoughts and words. I’m hoping this trip will be much like that. There is nothing like new places and the sense of anonymity that comes with traveling to make the world seem large and exciting again, to bring on new ways of thinking about the every-day.

What’s to come? Wandering along slick cobbled streets, touching ancient lichen-covered stones, the smell of wet wool, castles, water (in river, lake, rain and possibly snow form), and good company. All delicious fodder for feeding the muse. God, I can’t wait.

Bon voyage, my friends.

Miss MoL